Ylvis “What does the Fox Say” Costume


Ylvis What does the Fox Say
Dress up as a fox and shout: Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Because that’s what a fox says

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Dress up as the Ylvis Brothers

ylvis fox costume

It is best to wear the fox costumes as a duo to mimic the Ylvis comedic duo! It would be great as a couple costume or a BFF costume.

Of course, if you’d like to fly solo, that’s all up to you. With the song’s massive popularity, I’m sure everybody’s going to notice you. If not, a few Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding’s would do the trick. The brothers wear different-colored fox suits. One wears a deeper brown, the other wears a yellowish brown.

Ylvis Fox Costume Replica
This is a mascot suit based on the Ylvis music video itself and the reviews have been good!

Kigurumi Yellow / Gold Fox Costume
This is a Japanese fox costume, with a really cute face on the hood. It has received several positive reviews. Like Ylvis’ fox suit, this one doesn’t cover your face, which also makes it a more comfortable choice.

Kigurumi Red Fox Costume
The other Ylvis brother sports a deeper brown fox costume, and this red fox is a good alternative. Again, it has a hood for the ears and the fox’ features, and it conveniently doesn’t cover your face.

Fox Ears and Tail
If you would rather wear some normal clothes, or something more body-hugging compared to the choices above, you can just get this kit, which includes ears and a tail. Then, wear an all-brown attire.

Wolf Nose as a Fox Nose
There is no fox nose being sold online just yet, but this wolf nose is a good substitute. It’s meant for kids though so it might be too tight on adults. You can probably try to alter it a bit and use a longer elastic. The other option is to simply use make-up to make the fox nose. Simply paint your nose black and the part under your nose white. Then, use a simple eye pencil to make black dots on the white backdrop. This is how Ylvis did it as well.

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Dress up as the Backup Dancers

outfit of backup dancers in the fox song mtv

You can also ask a couple of other friends to join in the Ylvis Fox Song MTV fun. Just wear a red mask with a nice butterfly detail, a white button down shirt, slacks, and a black necktie

Red Mask with Butterfly Detail
Like the backup dancers’ mask, this one has red details sticking out from both ends.

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