Costume for Simple Jack (from Tropic Thunder)

M-m-m-m-make someone happy by dressing up as Simple Jack! Simple Jack was actually just a trailer featured in the Tropic Thunder movie. It was supposed to be a fictional role Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) played. The fake movie, however, gained a lot of popularity; Jack has become a timeless character and the root of a lot of memes and jokes.

Dress up as Simple Jack

It’s not very clear from the movie what his shoes were but I surmise it’s either a pair of brown rubber boots or a pair of rugged brown shoes – they fit the barn setting. Be sure to run around bringing happy, positive vibes to everyone you meet! Who cares if he has an IQ of 5, he makes it up in his heart ;)

simple jack ben stiller costume

Blonde Wig with Bangs
Cut off the side burns and trim the bangs a bit to make it look more like Jack’s. Jack must have cut his own hair!
Use the photo above as your reference. If you notice, the bangs are not straight, some are shorter than the others.

Optional: Big Teeth
For extra effect and humor, you can also buy this set of fake teeth. Wear the one with the large slightly overlapping teeth

Beige Henley Shirt
A basic henley shirt in a beige color matches Simple Jack’s outfit perfectly

Denim Overalls
Over the henley shirt, wear a pair of denim overalls – the perfect attire for a life at the farm

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And now to watch the Simple Jack trailer for the umpteenth time:


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