Red Costume (Danny McBride)

Pineapple Express

Dress up as Red (Danny McBride)

The one with the most unfortunate demise – neck brace, dirty face (tutorial at the bottom of this post), etc. It’s a fun costume – only because the injuries are make-believe.

red danny mcbride costume pineapple express

Cervical Collar / Neck Brace
Red ends up wearing a neck brace after the mishaps of their adventure. Use makeup (dark eye shadow) or black face paint to make your face look very dirty. Use a wet sponge and make a continuous dabbing motion as you apply the eye shadow onto the face

Toy Shotgun
Bring a toy shotgun with you as your prop

Orange Hoodie
Red wears an orange hoodie with blue sleeves. I couldn’t find one that looked exactly the same but a plain orange hoodie should do the trick, no?

Yellow Tank Top
You can ditch the hoodie altogether and just show your yellow tank top. I like that this has that black piping detail similar to Red’s. And remember: he keeps his armpits free of hair – it makes him aerodynamic when he fights. He can take danger

Shark Tooth Necklace
Red also sports a shark tooth necklace.

Sandals for Men
Red wears a one-strap sandal for men. This one has that velcro strap detail that Red’s footwear seems to have as well

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Makeup Tutorial: How to make your Face look Dirty

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