Dale Denton Costume (Seth Rogen)

Pineapple Express

Dress up as Dale Denton (Seth Rogen)

Dressing up as Dale Denton is pretty easy because it’s basically office attire with a toy prop gun. If you’re daring enough though, you can wear his “other” hilarious outfit – you know the one where his pants are gone and he ties his blazer around his waist in an attempt to cover up his underwear. Just be sure the costume party doesn’t have a strict dress code ;)

outfit of dale denton - seth rogen - pineapple express

Machine Gun Toy
Dale carries a rifle / machine gun

White Top with Dark Collar
This is an optional bonus item. If you notice, underneath Dale’s oxford shirt, he wears a top with a dark-colored collar. Achieve that detail by wearing this

Light Blue Oxford Shirt
Dale has the most “formal” attire among the three as he wears an office getup

Brown Blazer
He wears a blazer over his Oxford shirt. I’m sure most of you have these office staples in your wardrobe already

Dale’s Belt Buckle – Maltese Cross
Ahhh… Dale’s belt buckle. Who can forget the scene that involved his belt buckle, Saul Silver, and an ermm… interesting escape plan. The belt looks to me like a Maltese cross, and I think this buckle resembles it enough. The shape of the cross is pretty similar

White Socks with Red / Blue Stripe Detail
Happy to have found socks with that extra stripe detail. This will look especially distinct if you decide to go to the costume party sans the pants. For your feet, wear a pair of rubber shoes

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