Samantha Cook Cosplay

Ready Player One Movie (2018)

Dress up as Samantha Evelyn Cook (Olivia Cooke)

Samantha Cook is the player behind Art3mis and is just as cool as her avatar. I am definitely considering dressing up as her since I already have a Joy Division tank top lying around in my closet.

Ready Player One - Samantha Cook Costume

Make sure you add the birthmark detail around her right eye with some makeup

samantha cook birthmark makeup closeup

Wavy Ginger Hair
She has short hair with waves at the end. No bangs

Joy Division Tank Top
Get yourself a Joy Division Tank Top. This isn’t the official replica but has the graphic design we all love

Blue Knit Cardigan with pockets
Get yourself a nice blue cardigan that’s long enough to cover your short pants. The pocket details are my fave part of the jacket. This cardigan is also a perfect piece for fall.

Denim Shorts
Wear a pair of denim shorts

Stockings / Sheer Tights
Wear a pair of black stockings or sheer tights underneath your short pants. Use a pair of fabric scissors and cut a hole on the right knee

Black Lace up Boots
Finish off with lace up boots

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