Parzival Cosplay

Ready Player One Movie (2018)

Dress up as Parzival

Dress up as the avatar of Wade Watts

Parzival Costume - Ready Player One

White Wig
He has short white hair

Blue hair dye
He has some blue streaks at the ends of his hair on the back so you can use some blue acrylic paint to color the wig above (since the wig above is synthetic)

Denim Vest with Sword Detail
The most distinct element of his outfit is the denim vest with a large sword print at the back, an ode to the knight Percival. Wear a basic round neck short sleeved black tee inside the denim vest

Leg Holster
Next, strap on a leg holster, inspired by THE holster of holsters – the one Han Solo wore

Toy Pistol
Place a toy pistol inside your holster

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