Art3mis Cosplay Guide

Ready Player One Movie (2018)

Dress up as Art3mis

Dress up as Art3mis, a member of High Five in Ready Player One, and a famous Gunter. She’s got a very unique look to her.

Art3mis Cosplay - Ready Player One

For the makeup, use some heavy reddish pink blush on both cheeks. At a certain point, the avatar also sports a birthmark similar to her player, so you can also use some makeup to create that look:

Art3mis birthmark makeup

Red short spiky Wig
Art3mis sports a very cool red do and I was so happy when I saw this one because the resemblance is great!

Black Sleeveless Crop Top
Wear a black sleeveless crop top. If you can find one with the red sparks design on it, even better, but this plain black one will deliver the look across perfectly already (and you can definitely wear it to many future casual dates)

Red Leather Jacket
Cover up with an unzipped red leather jacket

Chain Belt
She sports a chain belt for added spunk

Hoop Earring
Sport a hoop earring – this one is a clip-on

Distressed Skinny Jeans
Don a pair of black skinny jeans with some ripped details

Black Lace up Boots
Pair a leather jacket with some motorcycle boots and you will NEVER go wrong

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