Chel Costume

The Road to El Dorado

Dress up as Chel

Chel’s outfit is a bit risque but substitute her very daring wrap with a double slide slit maxi skirt, and you’ll be the right mix of sexy and comfy. She also has several accessories to make the costume extra special and fun!

To get into character, I would recommend going barefoot. But if that’s too unhygienic for you, wear a pair of skin-toned flats.

chel costume - road to el dorado

Long Straight Black Wig with Bangs
First thing you need is a long black straight wig with straight bangs

Teal Earrings
Next – wear a pair of teal-colored earrings, any design should do. The important thing is to have that tribal look going on; this tassel one looks very nice and is chunky enough too.

Pink Tube Top
Now for a bright pink tube top! If you’re not comfortable with showing off your tummy, you can go ahead and get a longer tube top.

Double Side Slit Maxi Skirt
Now for the perfect substitute to Chel’s more daring piece – a white skirt with slits on both sides! It has that exotic look to it, but shows a little less skin, esp. on the back

Wooden Bangle
Now for some chunky bangles! Wear one on each wrist. Again, I would suggest something made from wood to stick with the tribal look

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