Tulio Costume

The Road to El Dorado

Dress up as Tulio (Kevin Kline)

Tulio is the opposite of Miguel – he’s more cautious and logical. But he is extremely handsome with his ponytail and blue eyes.

Tulio - road to El Dorado costume

Long wig with Ponytail
It was so hard finding a wig that fits Tulio’s perfectly! You’re looking for slightly wavy hair that is long enough to form into a thin ponytail. This is, by no means, a perfect match, but with a bit of styling, you can make the front a little less rigid and a little more wavy. For his soul patch, you can simply use black eyeliner to draw lines down his chin. Then a few dots on the rest of the chin would give him that “almost needs to shave again” look

Brown Vest
Get a sleeveless brown vest and keep it unbuttoned

Pirate Shirt
You can go for a pirate shirt for Tulio as well. Untie the strings on the collar area to give it a lower cut

Black Boot-like Shoes
I’d go for black flat boots

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