Tulio Costume

The Road to El Dorado

Dress up as Tulio (Kevin Kline)

Tulio is the opposite of Miguel – he’s more cautious and logical. But he is extremely handsome with his ponytail and blue eyes.

Tulio - road to El Dorado costume

Long wig with Ponytail
It was so hard finding a wig that fits Tulio’s perfectly! You’re looking for slightly wavy hair that is long enough to form into a thin ponytail. This is, by no means, a perfect match, but with a bit of styling, you can make the front a little less rigid and a little more wavy. For his soul patch, you can simply use black eyeliner to draw lines down his chin. Then a few dots on the rest of the chin would give him that “almost needs to shave again” look

Brown Vest
Get a sleeveless brown vest and keep it unbuttoned

Pirate Shirt
You can go for a pirate shirt. Untie the strings on the collar area to give it a lower cut

Capri Pants
This modern cut should work

Shoes of the Olden Days
Shoes at that time were low heeled numbers with buckles, like this pair. If you don’t want to spend on this, you can substitute with a pair of loafers

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