Miguel Costume

The Road to El Dorado

Dress up as Miguel (Kenneth Branagh)

Miguel’s costume is a subtle adaptation from the pirate look. To dress up as the fun-loving con artist, all you need are a few key pieces. And a megawatt smile!

miguel costume - road to el dorado

Blonde Wig
I would highly recommend wearing a blonde wig. It’s one of his most distinct features. This wig has gotten a lot of raves and has that pretty boy look that I think works with Miguel.

Blonde/Orange beard and mustache
Now, for his beard and mustache! This set includes a pretty good-looking blonde/orange beard/mustache

Red Pirate Shirt
Now, wear a red pirate shirt – which is generally loose but tight on the wrists

Khaki Slim Fit Pants
Wear a pair of khaki-colored slim fit pants. This is a great pair to buy since you’d definitely be able to wear it on other days. Fold the bottoms for that added effect.

Black Loafers
Some black (or dark brown) loafers would fit Miguel’s footwear – again, you can wear this on a casual day out

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