Costume for Margot Tenenbaum – Gwyneth Paltrow

The Royal Tenenbaums

Dress up as Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow)

When dressing up as the playwright, Margot, remember the following:
1. Stay as emotionless as possible
2. Lay on some dark makeup on the eyes
3. Always have a cigarette around
4. Additional detail: fold one of your fingers (I think it’s the index finger) on the right hand – half of one of her fingers got severed when she ran away from home
5. If you have a boyfriend, convince him to dress up as Richie

Margot - Royal Tenenbaums Outfit

Red Snap Clip
Margot wears a red snap clip on the left side of her hair

Short Blonde Wig
Margot has short blonde hair. Use the barrette to get the bangs out of your forehead, like Margot’s. Also, consider trimming the ends to have a very straight, blunt cut

Blue Polo Shirt Dress
Margot is ready for tennis in her polo dress. Her actual piece seems to be from Lacoste. The exact color and striped pattern is unfortunately not available but any polo dress should drive the point across

Brown Faux Fur Coat
An oversized faux fur coat covers her shirt dress. In the movie, Margot’s coat is a lot longer, but after scouring the net, this seems to be the closest match given a budget. It has a similar texture and cut

White Gloves
Why is Margot wearing a pair of gloves? To hide her half-severed finger. Or perhaps to make sure her precious Hermes bag doesn’t get scratched?

Brown Loafers
A pair of brown loafers completes her look.

Brown Handbag
Buying an Hermes bag is extremely expensive, so how about this alternative? It has that sophisticated style going on and the color and style is very similar.

Fake Cigarette
If you’d rather stick to nicotine-free props, invest in a pack of fake cigarettes. I’m sure you can use it for other costumes in the future

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