Psy Gentleman Costume

All of us know who Psy is. Let’s celebrate the KPop invasion and dress up as the dancing “gentleman” with his sunglasses, harem pants, and Oxford shoes.

Dress up as Psy

Psy Gentleman Costume

Gel up your hair and get your groove on as Psy! Check out some of the key pieces to his outfit below

Round Flip up Sunglasses
One of the sunglasses Psy sports in his Gentleman music video resembles this pair. The distinct feature is the bridge on top, apart from the bridge in the middle

Retro Sunglasses with White Circle Frame
On the other scenes of the video, Psy wears this distinct circle frame sunglasses. Like the screenshot, this piece has a thick white frame.

Black Blazer for Men
Get yourself a nice black blazer you can use again on normal days

Shiny Blue Blazer for Men
OR – you can fully commit to the role and wear something garish like this one!

Elastic Waist Baggy Drop Crotch Pants
Psy wears this baggy pair that gets accentuated when he dances

Oxford Shoes
This classic pair of black / white oxford shoes resembles Psy’s pair!

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Want to know what Mother Father Gentleman Means? This article tells all!

And now, let’s all get another heavy dose of LSS by listening to Gentleman. If you wanna look AND dance like Psy, please take note of the dance steps!

How long do you guys think his popularity will last? Do you think he can surprise us with another viral hit and another catchy dance move? Will he still be wearing a pair of Oxfords on the third installment? It’s anybody’s guess!


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