Dress up as Punky Brewster

Get punky and perky! Dress up as the ever lovable 80s Punky Brewster, with her mismatched sneakers and bright personality.

Outfit of 80s girl Punky Brewster

Dress up as Punky Brewster

Punky’s outfit is all about mismatched details and bright colors. For your freckles, use any ordinary brown eye pencil. Ideally, wear a pair of jeans with distressed details. Have fun piecing everything together!

Sun Hair Elastic
The smiley face on this sun hair tie is perfect – it adds even more cuteness to your outfit!

Carhartt Mock Neck Vest
This is a beautiful vest and I like the additional zipper detail that sort of mimics the zippers on Punky’s. It also comes in a very yummy reddish pink shade!

red heart
Red Heart Pin
Attach this red heart pin near your right shoulder, just like Punky does! A case of wearing your heart on your sleeve, literally?

Paisley Bandana
Tie this around your left thigh, above the knee. The color pink gives it an extra girly touch

Yellow Striped Socks
Make sure the socks show on the leg where your jeans are rolled up!

Yellow Shoe Lace
Buy yourself 2 shoe laces in 2 different colors and wear on your mismatched sneakers! Once you click on this product, you’ll see a couple of other great bright shades to choose from.

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