George R. R. Martin Costume

George R. R. Martin

Dress up as George R. R. Martin

The Game of Thrones author usually wears the same old thing – a hat (usually with a turtle pin), large eyeglasses, and suspenders (or a polo shirt). For added effect, stuff your belly.

george r.r. martin costume game of thrones

Black Greek Fisherman’s Cap
The Game of Thrones author wears a black fisherman cap, which is sometimes adorned with a turtle pin. A nod to the Great and Powerful Turtle perhaps?

Turtle Brooch
The exact replica of George Martin’s turtle pin is not available, but any turtle pin should do. This, for me, bears the best resemblance especially because its back is a stone as well.

Large Silver Metal Frame Eyeglasses
George wears a pair of eyeglasses with large, thin frames like this one. His is a bit more squarish, but this should do the trick

White Beard
He sports a beard with grayish white streaks. You’ll need to trim this particular beard up a bit since the author’s beard is much thinner, but the actual structure is already there.

Black Suspenders
Wear a simple pair of black suspenders over a dark-colored Oxford shirt. Finish off with a simple pair of dress pants

Belly Stuffing
Optional: for that added effect, wear belly stuffing


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