Salt Bae Meme Costume

Dress up as Salt Bae (Nusret Gökçe)

Salt Bae

If you don’t know Salt Bae, get out of here! Hehe. Kidding aside, I think everyone is so obsessed with him that you must have seen him once in your feed. He has gotten so popular, that Leonardo DiCaprio even visited his restaurant and witnessed the beautiful salting ritual first-hand! Now enough gushing, here’s how to dress up as him

Important prop: bring some salt (of course!!!) Optional: knife and steak (check out fake prop suggestion below)
Hair: Ideally grow your hair long and tie into a short ponytail


CUTE, UNIQUE COUPLE COSTUME IDEA! How about dressing up as Morton Salt and Salt Bae? :) That would make for a very flavorful pairing, don’t you think?

Salt Bae and Morton Salt costume for couples

Long Black Wig
You need shoulder-length hair in order to tie it into a ponytail. This looks luxurious enough to mimic Salt Bae’s locks. The good thing is that it is slightly longer so you have an easier time tying it into a ponytail. You can trim accordingly too

Sunglasses with Roundish Frame
What you want is a pair of eyeglasses with a gold frame and lens that are round but not John Lennon round, the lens widens a bit on the edge just like this pair I found

White Tee with a Wider Neck
Get yourself a basic tight-fitting white tee with a round neck that is slightly wider than usual. That simple – because you are already sexy af and don’t need any extra embellishments.

Mustache / Soul Patch
You can grow a mustache the manly and time-consuming way or you can just buy a fake mustache to get some extra comedic effect to your costume. You’d need to trim this up a bit. Cut up a bit of the other mustache to make a small soul patch.Another idea is to use black eyeliner to just draw the facial hair.

Chest Hair
Now if you want to take your costume to a comedic level, you may want to exaggerate and stick on some chest hair on you. This won’t be very realistic of course, but if that’s what you’re going for, this would be a great choice

Black Pants
Finish off with a pair of sleek black dress pants and a nice black belt. I’m sure you have one lying around in your office wardrobe

Fake Knife
Bring along a fake knife prop

Fake Steak
Just for fun, you might want to bring a fake steak dog chew toy like this one. It’s not realistic at all which makes it hilarious!

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Now let’s watch Salt Bae in action again and again and again…


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