Crystal Maze Costume

Crystal Maze Host Costume
One thing has always boggled me. With all the revivals left and right, why haven’t they gotten around to reviving Crystal Maze yet? This is one of the best TV game shows ever, with all its challenging puzzles, riddles, and quests. And the host, Richard O’Brien, with all his quirks, certainly adds to the charm!

Dress up as Richard O Brien

Crystal Maze host costume

Richard’s getup is very safari-inspired. Animal prints like cheetah / leopard are prevalent in his attire.

Straw Hat
In several episodes, the host was seen sporting a tropical hat like similar to this one.

Professional Bald Cap
If you want to be truly professional with your costume, then this bald cap kit is for you! It’s the one that garnered the most positive reviews among all the bald caps on Amazon

Yellow Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
Inside the blazer, the host wears a button down shirt, like this yellow piece. When you click this item, there are other colors to choose from depending on which of Richard’s outfits you prefer

Supa Mac Daddy Costume
The easiest way to get an inexpensive leopard print blazer? Look for pimp costumes like this one! The leopard trimmings perfectly match Richard’s over the top look

Leopard Blazer
If you want to go the full animal print route like the second photo above, then this blazer is for you.

Durango Men’s 11 inch Harness Boot
To complete the host’s safari-esque look, don a pair of boots like this one.


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