Gene Belcher Costume

Bob’s Burgers

Dress up as Gene Belcher

The middle child / only son is mr. Sound Effects. Be sure to bring his keyboard, or a megaphone, and make a couple of fart sounds too, if you wish

Bobs Burgers - Gene Costume

Yellow Basic Tee
Wear a basic yellow round neck tee. Easy, huh?

Light Blue Short Pants
Wear a pair of short pants in a light / pastel blue hue. You can wear those modern-looking bermuda shorts or you can try a denim pair like this one, which for me, gives off a very appropriate boyish look

Red Sneakers
A pair of red sneakers finishes off this simple look. These Chuck Taylors fit the bill – the pair has that white tip like Gene’s has

Casio Keyboard
According to sources, Gene uses a Casio keyboard – an SK-5 Keyboard to be exact. You can also improvise with a toy keyboard (for budget purposes)

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