Bob Belcher Costume

Bob’s Burgers

Dress up as Bob Belcher

Dressing up as Bob Belcher is as easy as pie… Apart from the items below, finish off with a pair of plain black/dark gray pants, white socks, and black shoes – stuff I’m sure you have worn to work

Bob Belcher Cosplay

The most distinct part of Bob’s look is his mustache. This set contains 3 different mustaches, which means you get to dress up as three different distinguished gentlemen ;) For Bob Belcher, choose the straight one at the bottom

White Apron
Wear a simple crewneck white / light gray shirt and tie a simple white apron over it. This piece looks a lot like Bob’s, with the thick straps

Toy Hamburger
The burger is a quintessential part of the costume because, hey, it’s Bob’s Burgers! You can buy a toy hamburger like this one, or bring an actual hamburger – your contribution to the potluck costume party perhaps? Be sure to place it on top of a plate

Ink Liner
This is an optional step, but it could add that extra touch to the finished look. As you can see, Bob Belcher has quite an extraordinary set of hairy arms, so use your pen to draw those thin black lines on your arm as well, to add a cartoonic touch

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