Dress up as Linda Belcher

Bob’s Burgers

Dress up as Linda Belcher

The joyful mom, Linda, wears a simple costume and carries a contagious smile! Feel free to burst into song too.

Linda Belcher Costume - Bobs Burgers

Cat’s Eye Framed Glasses
Linda wears a cute pair of eyeglass frames with a cat’s eye shape. The color on the photo seems to be orange or coral pink, but this red pair should do the trick! I especially love the pointy ends

Coral Henley Long-Sleeved Top
Linda wears a basic long-sleeved top with a few buttons.

White Waist Apron with Pockets
On her pocket, place a ballpen – the model employee! Underneath, wear a pair of blue skinny pants. For the shoes, any comfy closed-toe flats should do.

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