Tina Ruth Belcher Cosplay

Bob’s Burgers

Dress up as Tina Ruth Belcher

The eldest is quite the character too – an antisocial hopeless romantic who loves writing fiction that is, er, on the Fifty Shades of Grey side

Tina Ruth costume - Bobs Burgers

Black Bob Wig
Get yourself a black bob wig like this one.

Yellow Hair Clip
Clip a simple yellow barrette on the right side of your hair

Black Squarish Framed Eyeglasses
Like her mom, Linda, Tina sports a pair of eyeglasses, but her frame is more squarish. This fits the bill perfectly and I love the extra thick frame – it gives your costume a nice cartoonic touch!

Light Pastel Blue Shirt
Wear a simple round-neck light pastel blue top.

Blue Skater Skirt
Pair the plain top with a skater skirt. In some way, Tina kinda reminds me of a blue-hued Velma

Athletic Socks with Red Stripes
She wears a pair of white socks, with distinct red lines on the upper portion.

Black High-Cut Sneakers
Her sneakers are a high-cut pair – goes well with the skirt!

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