Blaine DeBeers Costume Ideas


Dress up as Blaine DeBeers

The bad guy you love to hate… and hate to admit you love! He is the coolest antagonist in my book (David Anders has pretty much perfected the art of being a baddie).

Couple costume idea: Blaine and Liv – any fellow shippers out there??

This is a costume guide for his Season 1 look:

iZombie - Blaine DeBeers - Costumes Season 1

Standard Zombie Elements

White Powder Cream Foundation
You can make yourself up into a zombie already to mimic Blaine during his very first Zombie transformation / rage moment. Zombies in iZombie look very pale, so it’s time to apply some white foundation on your face. Make it as even as possible so it looks very realistic

Red Eyes
To look extra gruesome – sport red eyes! Just please stay away from my brain!

Platinum Blonde Wig
Like Liv, you need pale platinum blonde hair

Look like Pre-Zombie Blaine at the Boat Party

Hug Dealer Shirt
Ideally, wear a “Hugs not Drugs” graphic tee.

Yellow Jacket
Wear a bright yellow jacket

Usual Zombie Blaine Attire as a Zombie Entrepreneur

Slim Suit Jacket
Blaine knows how to rock the suit! Wear a slim modern suit jacket and pair with jeans. Note: every man, zombie or not, should have a slim blazer in my opinion ;)

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