Ravi Chakrabarti Costume


Dress up as Ravi Chakrabarti

Ahh Ravi! I LOVE him. He is the perfect combination of “charming”, “dependable”, and… “hairy”. He has a vary simple outfit which you can wear outside a costume party

Ravi’s usual attire is a sweater over a button-down that isn’t tucked in, a devilish smile, and a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Best friends: dress up as Liv and Ravi

iZombie - Ravi Chakrabarti - outfit cosplay

Here’s a look at Ravi with his purple lab gloves:

ravi purple gloves - izombie - morgue

Fake Beard
This one is extremely hairy so you’d need to trim it up to make it look more like Ravi’s. Of course if you can, do grow a beard naturally. The ladies will crowd around you, I promise!

Lab Coat
Wear a lab coat to mimic his morgue attire. It would be cute if you had your best girl friend wear a lab gown and dress up as Liv!

Fake Rat
Bring a rat with you, preferably the fake, non-Max Rager-induced kind

Purple Lab Gloves
Ravi uses purple gloves at the morgue. Consider coating it in some (fake) blood to scare the crap out of people

Tan V-Neck Sweater
Here’s a nice, preppy V-neck sweater that I believe Ravi himself would approve of

Trivia: The friend of the iZombie comic book’s main character is a were-terrier so perhaps Ravi’s facial hair is channeling a bit of that character? ;)

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