Liv Moore Costume / Outfit


Dress up as Liv Moore

Liv might be a zombie but she certainly knows how to “Liv Moore”. Get it?
Here’s how to dress up as the forensic zombie detective hero – she’s very into layering her clothes.

Makeup: white foundation (see below). You may also want get paler lips. To do this, look for a pale beige lipstick from your favorite makeup brand!

iZombie - Liv Moore outfit cosplay

Safety Glasses
Stay safe and clean while you saw off heads for your next meal!

Brain Gelatin Mold
Now for some messy DIY fun! With some gelatin, water, and food coloring, you can make a squishy, eeky, life-sized brain. Gross a couple of people out by munching on the brain as you greet people

Platinum Blonde Hair
You want platinum blonde hair – the paler the better! Make a half ponytail with a simple hair elastic

White Powder Cream Foundation
Zombies in iZombie look very pale, so it’s time to apply some white foundation on your face. Make it as even as possible so it looks very realistic

Maroon Hoodie
The most memorable piece of clothing Liv wears is her maroon hoodie, which she sports regularly. Underneath the hoodie, you can go for a basic heather gray tank top. Match with a pair of skinny jeans or jean leggings, and boots.

Lab Coat
You can wear a lab coat over the hoodie if you’d like to go for Liv’s morgue attire (make sure the hood of the jacket is placed over the lab coat. Also, it would be cute if you wore a lab gown and asked your BFF to dress up as Ravi!

Red Eyes
To look extra gruesome – sport red eyes and go Full on Zombie! Just please: stay away from humans!

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