Plants vs. Zombies – Crazy Dave Costume

Plants vs. Zombies - Crazy Dave Costume
Crazy Dave is the unexpected hero of the very popular Plants vs. Zombies video game. It’s a timely costume idea since part 2 of the game was recently released. Plus, it’s an easy costume idea!

Dress up as Crazy Dave

dress up like crazy dave from plants vs zombies video game

Aluminum Sauce Pan
Crazy Dave wears a saucepan for a hat. If that’s not crazy enough, I don’t know what is! Perhaps it’s a way to ward off zombies in the same way Joaquin Phoenix wore a metal hat on the “Signs” movie? Your guess is as good as mine. In any case, before you buy a saucepan, make sure you find a very lightweight one, and something that will be big enough to fit your head.

Brown Beard
Crazy Dave doesn’t have time to shave off his beard. He’s too busy saving the world from zombies!

White Polo Sport Shirt
This is as basic as it can get!

Pea Shooter Plush Toy
The piece de resistance? Bring a pea shooter weapon along with you!

Fake Belly
Crazy Dave has a bit of a belly, though not in a Homer Simpson way. You can skip this actually but if you want that extra level of detail, feel free to get one. PS. I just realized this: Dave and Homer have sorta the same outfit

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