Harvest Moon Costume (Girl and Boy)

Harvest Moon
Plant crops, take care of cute little farm animals, cook, and find the love of your life! Dress up as the main Harvest Moon farmer, who made farming cool long before Farmville even existed. Tip: present a feather and other gifts to fellow cosplayers you wish to cheer up… or woo ;)


Dress up as Harvest Moon Boy Farmer

Some other optional props to bring: a bell, a bucket, a fruit, etc. You can get some of your friends to dress up as the sprites too!

costume harvest moon farmer

Blue Cap
Wear the cap backwards, and let some hair stick out

Red Bandana
Get a plain red banana and tie around your neck like a cowboy!

Denim Overalls
Get yourself a pair of denim overalls – the perfect outfit at the farm! For the inside shirt, a white polo shirt, or even just a plain white tee will do. Roll up the sleeves like the farmer about to get down and dirty with the crops

Backpack / Rucksack
Unfortunately, there is no magical backpack available which can store hundreds of crops at the same time, so a basic backpack should do

Black Rain Boots
A pair of utilitarian boots is essential when you’re wading through mud, dirt, and soil

Harvest Moon Dog Plush
Here’s a bonus prop: bring a plush toy of a harvest moon dog. He sports the same red bandana as you! Guaranteed to make everyone squeal from its cuteness

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Dress up as Harvest Moon Girl Farmer

Girls should get a chance at all the farming fun to! In the latter versions, a female version of the Harvest Moon farmer was (finally) made available and she looks really cute in her farm getup. For your hairstyle, simply tie your hair in pigtails.

harvest moon female cosplay

Red Bandana
Get a plain red banana and tie around your neck like a cowboy!

White Button Down Short Sleeved Shirt
Wear a simple short-sleeved white work shirt

Pink Vest
To spice up your work shirt, layer a pink vest! Keep the vest unbuttoned

Denim Shorts
Wear a pair of denim shorts. I’d say go for a longer / bermuda cut like this one. Pair with red sneakers and white socks.

White Gloves
Wear a pair of white gloves so you don’t get your manicure dirty while you harvest your crops. Hmm… I wonder why she didn’t opt for a more industrial-type of glove?

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Trivia: The first Harvest Moon was released way back 1996!


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