Dress up as Pearl

Dress up as Pearl

Pearl is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth and is the mentor of Steven. Pearl happens to be one of the closest followers of Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz. Her attire is patterned after a ballerina, and her grace certainly matches the look.

Optional: dye your hair a strawberry blonde tinge

pearl cosplay - steven universe

Pink Hair
It’s hard to say exactly what shade her hair is – I’d say it’s somewhere in between peach and light pink. This one is a good pick and you would use some hair spray to create a pronounced spike

Hair Spiking Glue
For her alien-like hairdo, use a lot of hair spray or hair glue to keep the hair’s shape intact. You may want to try out this spiking hair glue which has gotten good reviews. Slick your hair back and apply glue liberally.

Light Blue Leotard
You can opt for a light blue leotard since it fits with the tutu. OR, just a light blue tank top would do as well.

Tank Top
This basic powder blue sleeveless top is also a good choice. And very functional, too!

Gold Star Pin
If you noticed, Pearl has a yellow star in the middle of her top (actually all of the Gems have a star on their outfits). You can improvise by buying a gold star pin, and pinning it in the middle of your shirt.

Light Blue Tutu
Wear a very nice, lightweight powder blue tutu like this one. The very short length is perfect for Pearl’s look.

Cycling Shorts (Capri)
A pair of cycling shorts in a coral shade does the trick.

Big Oval Cabochon
For Pearl’s gemstone on her forehead, I would go for a translucent material like this one. This isn’t self-adhesive and originally meant for jewelty but the description says it is also safe for skin. To attach it, you would need to use spirit gum or other skin-friendly adhesives

Spirit Gum
This set contains both the spirit gum and remover

Lime Green Socks
Pearl loves colors! Wear a pair of lime green socks.

Blue Ballet Shoes
Finally, match with a pair of powder blue ballet shoes. Preferably – pointy ones.

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