Professor Calculus Costume

The Adventures of Tintin

Dress up as Professor Cuthbert Calculus

Cuthbert Calculus is the absent-minded professor / scientist who believes in the paranormal art of dowsing. True to his personality, his whole outfit is a bit on the frumpy side.

Professor Calculus costume - Adventures of Tintin

Other props to bring: a black umbrella (this should be very easy to find) and a briefcase

Green Bowler Hat
Wear a green bowler hat. If you can, try to make the hat look more worn out by creasing it

Round Eyeglasses
Wear a pair of eyeglasses with a small round frame. These spectacles can be used for a great deal of other costumes in the future (eg. Harry Potter)

Bald Cap Kit
Getting his hairdo right involves a bald cap and some extra tools to help you get a bit of hair to pop out from the back.

Wear the thick mustache. This set comes with a whole lot of other mustaches you can use for your next costume.

Green Double Breasted Coat
The professor wears a green coat which is a size or 2 bigger than him. Underneath the coat, a basic white Oxford shirt and skinny black necktie will suffice

Dowsing Pendulum
Now for his most unique (and peculiar) prop: a dowsing pendulum. In the photo, the pendulum looks like an ordinary circle, but I believe it was meant to represent a stone of sorts, like this one. Go for the Tiger Eye stone as it has a nice bronze/gold texture that would fit with the drawing.

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