Tintin Costume

The Adventures of Tintin

Dress up as Tintin

Tintin’s usual get up involves a blue sweater worn over a white collared shirt (if you don’t like to layer, you can use an ingenious detachable white collar). His cutoff pants are brown (or a slight brown-orange hue) and the pair is worn over a pair of white socks and brown shoes. The shoes in the comic book aren’t drawn in a particularly descriptive way, so any decent pair of brown shoes should do (perhaps a dapper pair of Oxford shoes?). In several occasions, he wears a brown trench coat over his usual getup. For some added effect, bring a magnifying glass, and carry a plush Snowy around or place him inside your bag, with his cute head popping out.

Hairstyle: Bright shade of orange, and the hair is gel-ed upwards into a sort of wave.
Makeup: for added effect, apply minimal makeup to make your cheeks rosy

Best friends: dress up as Captain Haddock and Tintin

Tintin Cosplay Outfit

Detachable White Collar

Tintin goes for the preppy look in a sweater with a collared shirt underneath. Since it’s only the white collar sticking out from underneath, feel free to buy a nifty detachable collar like this one!

Blue Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Wear a sweatshirt in a nice, bold blue shade

Brown Knickers
Tintin wears a pair of knickers – pants with a length between short pants and normal pants. Wear long white socks underneath

Magnifying Glass
Tintin needs this handy tool to solve the mystery!

Snowy Plush Toy
Bring along Tintin’s dependable and very adorable canine companion

Trench Coat
In several instances, Tintin sports a simple but fashionable trench coat. This piece from Tommy Hilfiger looks very dapper and you will definitely be using it over and over again when he rainy season comes along

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