Arsene Lupin III Costume

Lupin III Live Action Movie

Dress up as Arsene Lupin III (Oguri Shun)

Always happy to see Oguri Shun play different roles! Here’s his latest role as the famous anime / manga character, Lupin – the world’s numero uno thief!

Hair: short; slightly spiky hair
Additional accessories: a wrist watch on his right wrist
Couples can dress up as Lupin and Fujiko Mine
Best friends can dress up as Lupin and Daisuke Jigen

Arsene Lupin Third Movie costume - Oguri Shun

Velvet Burgundy Blazer
Lupin wears a blazer in a nice shade of deep red. It seems as if the blazer worn in the movie is made from velvet, just like this one! Underneath, wear a dark gray button down oxford shirt that you probably have lying around in your wardrobe already.

Tommy Hilfiger Velvet Blazer
Here’s one from Tommy Hilfiger. As expected, there is a higher premium for a branded item. Wear a dark gray button down oxford shirt underneath.

Golden Yellow Neck Tie
A slim gold-yellow neck tie adds a very bright contrast to the dark red blazer.

Leather Pants
Lupin seems to love texture as he wears a pair of glossy leather pants. These faux leather pants should do the trick – it has a nice slim (but not too skinny) fit, and is very affordable, too! If you’re not comfortable with leather pants (think Ross from Friends, haha), then you can wear a pair of black pants instead. Match with a slim black belt, black socks, and a nice pair of shoes.

Luger Air Pistol
Lupin’s weapon of choice is a Luger pistol like this one.


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