Daisuke Jigen Costume

Lupin III Live Action Movie

Dress up as Daisuke Jigen (Tetsuji Tamayama)

Daisuke is Lupin’s right-hand man and is a hell of a marksman! Best buddies can dress up as Daisuke and Arsene Lupin

Makeup tutorial below

Daisuke Jigen Costume - Lupin III

Black Fedora Hat
Daisuke looks really cool and has a gangster look going on. The perfect accessory for his coolness is a black fedora!

Stipple Sponge
Daisuke has two distinct features – his hat and his facial hair! For the facial hair, I would highly recommend using makeup and a stipple sponge to create a stubble effect because fake beards will look too fake. Below is a video tutorial on how to pull off facial hair that looks realistic. If you’d like the quickest way though, then just use eyebrow pencil and start making dots.

The goatee of Daisuke is longer than just a stubble, so for this part, you may want to buy a fake goatee. Be sure to trim it up because this is definitely much, much longer than the one worn by Lupin’s right-hand man!

Revolver Pistol Replica
The expert gunman’s gun of choice is a revolver. The handle is wooden

How to create the fake goatee / facial hair

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