Inspector Koichi Zenigata Costume

Lupin III Live Action Movie

Dress up as Koichi Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano)

It’s pretty easy to go as the Inspector Zenigata! Again, check out the makeup tutorial below to get that stubble chin!

Inspector Koichi Zenigata - Costume Lupin III Movie

Brown Fedora
Like Daisuke, the inspector wears a fedora hat except his is brown. Again, like Daisuke, he has facial hair in the form of stubbles, so check out the tutorial below on how to achieve that. If you want it quick and you’re not aiming for 100% accuracy, you can just place many small dots using an eyebrow pencil

Long Khaki Trench Coat
The Inspector wears a nice long trench coat and leaves it unbuttoned. This is quite pricey so feel free to substitute with a long windbreaker jacket. Simply wear a basic white oxford shirt underneath, chino pants, a brown belt, and brown office-ready shoes

A basic necktie will do the trick

Now for your prop: handcuffs!

Makeup Tutorial: Fake Stubble Chin

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