Fujiko Mine Costume

Lupin III Live Action Movie

Dress up as Fujiko Mine (Meisa Kuroki)

Dress up as the femme fatale of Lupin III and make heads turn in her slinky number!

Couples: dress up as Lupin and Fujiko

Fujiko Mine - Lupin III Live Action Movie Costume

Yellow Strapless Bodycon Dress
Fujiko wears a body-hugging yellow strapless dress like this one. Reviews for this dress have been positive. Pair with pointed stilettos.

Thigh / Leg Gun Holster
Get yourself a holster and tie around your left thigh. This holster is intended for smaller guns just like her derringer pistol. Actually, this holster will more or less be just for the look of it, because I’m pretty sure you’ll be carrying the gun around (and posing with it) more often than you will be keeping it in the holster

Derringer Pistol
This piece is very elaborate (even more elaborate than the one Fujiko carries) but I think it would make your overall getup look even cooler!

Thick Bangle
Wear a thick gold bangle on your left wrist

Her necklace consists of multiple squares, just like this one!

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