The Bowler Costume

Mystery Men Movie

Dress up as The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo)

It’s hard to forget The Bowler. Who else has a bowling ball with a skull of her father inside? This is a great costume idea for women who wish to dress up as a superhero without having to wear a skimpy outfit

Bowler Costume - Mystery Men

Green Hair Extensions
The Bowler has a couple of strands of hair colored green. You can buy some hair extensions to mimic the look or use the temporary hair dye below

Green Temporary Hair Dye
Option 2: Dye some strands and tips green using this temporary hair color wax

White skull – 4.5 inches
The most important part of her ensemble is her unusual bowling ball with a skull inside. The skull belongs to her late father. You can go DIY by inserting this skull into a clear acrylic globe (below)

Clear Acrylic Globe
This is 10 inches in diameter – a tad bigger than the usual bowling ball but necessary in order to get a bigger neck opening to place the skull in. The opening is 5.25 inches

Actual Skull Bowling Ball
If you’re an avid bowler, you may want to consider this actual skull bowling ball, which is, of course, pricier than the alternative above

Animal Print Bowling Bag
If you’d rather not bring a bowling ball (fake or real) around with you, you can just bring a bowling bag with you. The Bowler’s bag had an animal print similar to this one. The upside is you can use this any other day too!

Black Dress
Wear a black dress and a pair of jeans underneath. I chose this dress because its skirt area is loose and will allow you to comfortably wear a pair of straight fit jeans

Brown Casual Jacket
Wear any casual brown jacket with a material that you can stitch on. I chose this because it’s made from cotton canvas. Stitch some embroidered patches on your jacket to make it look like The Bowler’s jacket (see below)

The Bowler’s Skull Patch

Here is a look at the patch on The Bowler’s jacket:

Mystery Men Bowler Skull

White Skull Embroidered Patch
What makes The Bowler’s jacket distinct is its patches. In particular, she has a patch on her left of a skull and crossbones, except that the crossbones were replaced by bowling pins. Creative, right? Unfortunately, there is no exact replica, but you can come close by stitching this skull patch over the bowling pins below, covering the bowling ball in the process

Bowling Ball and Pins Sew On Patch
Cover the bowling ball with the skull patch

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