The Shoveler Costume

Dress up as Shoveler (William H. Macy)

Here comes The Shoveler! Beware his mighty… er… shovel!

shoveler mystery men costume

Full Brim Yellow Hat
No shoveler is ever complete without his trusty yellow hard hat! Allows his allies to easily spot him, and prevents him from getting his head hurt by falling debris thrown by the baddies

Head Lamp
To complete his safety equipment, he attaches a head lamp onto the hat as well

Short Shovel
Bring a short shovel with you because DUH you’re the SHOVELer, right?

A walking safety campaign, this superhero wears a safety vest over a thick corduroy jacket

Black Gauntlet Gloves
He wears a pair of gloves with a superhero gauntlet style and I think Darth Vader’s gloves are a good choice. As a bonus, you can reuse these gloves when you decide to dress as the Star Wars villain

Knee Pads
We’re not done with the safety lesson yet! He also wears a pair of knee pads over a pair of denim jeans

Corduroy Jacket
Here’s a nice corduroy jacket you could use

Body Belt
So I kinda need help figuring out that belt “sash” that he wears over his body. I think it’s a body belt like this one, which fits in with the safety / mining / heavy equipment theme of his outfit. It also has those holes on the strap which are for conveniently placing their equipment while working.

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