Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) Costume

Napoleon Dynamite Costumes

Dress up as Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder)

Jon Heder’s characters are almost always very remarkable and memorable, and Napoleon Dynamite is definitely testament to that! Moon boots, glasses, and unusually hip dance moves… there are a ton of hilarious pieces to this costume. Have fun!

Bonus: for that extra touch, consider wearing fake teeth to make your 2 front teeth slightly bigger
Couples: dress up as Deb and Napoleon
Best friends: dress up as Pedro and Napoleon
Siblings: dress up as Kip and Napoleon

outfits of napoleon dynamite

A closer look at his spectacles:
napoleon dynamite what glasses he wears

Napoleon Dynamite Costume Set
This set contains all the things you need – wig, glasses, “Vote for Pedro” shirt, and moon boots. Surprisingly, everybody loved the set so this will definitely make your life much easier!

Vote for Pedro T-Shirt
If you want to buy things separately, here’s the Vote for Pedro t-shirt he sports when he does his dance to the beat of “Canned Heat”. Be sure to memorize his smooth moves, too!

Safety Aviator Glasses
If you notice, Napoleon’s glasses aren’t your typical aviator type glasses. They have an extra bridge on the nose. This pair fits it perfectly.

Snow Boots
Napoleon Dynamite sports a pair of moon boots. These snow boots I found aren’t as funny as the ones he wears, but I chose this for practicality purposes – so you can wear them again after your costume party. It’s also chunky enough to get the look across

Learn the Dance Moves!

Step 1. Bop your head
Step 2. Sway from side to side
Step 3. Surprise semi- split!
Step 4. Square Dance
Step 5. Stop with your booty to the audience, move your hands up
Step 6. Surprise about face back to the crowd
Step 7. Disco boogie!
Step 8. Pump
… you get the drift ;)

In case you’re wondering, the song is “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai!

Other Characters from Napoleon Dynamite


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