Deb Bradshaw Cosplay

Napoleon Dynamite Costumes

Dress up as Deb Bradshaw (Tina Majorino)

Deb is a shy girl who seems to love the color pink! Get your significant other to dress up as Napoleon and be the cutest couple ever! Trivia: Deb is played by Tina Majorino, who you probably recognize as Mac from Veronica Mars! (sorry, I always feel compelled to mention Veronica Mars as often as I can)

deb costume - tina majorino napoleon dynamite

Pink Polo Top
Ideally, find one with white stripes. This golf polo should work though

Fabric Waist Pack Many Colors! Pink
This is one of the most distinct pieces on her costume: the belt bag / fanny pack!

Jewelry Organizer / Art Box with Trays
For a funny touch – bring an organizer / case like this one, load up with some jewelry-making laces (see below), and sell your items to the other guests at the costume event (explain to them you need the money to get to college!)

Jewelry Strings / Cords
Based on the photo, it seems that Deb was making key chains out of these colorful cords.

Crimped Brown Wig
Want to re-enact the prom scene? Crimp your hair to get that 80s look going! Tie your hair into a high ponytail.

Pink Dress with Puffy Sleeves
Deb’s prom dress is very 80s and full of ruffles. I find that this Princess Peach costume dress is the best fit because it has those puffy sleeves and gaudy pink / hot pink details. The beauty here is that you can then recycle this next year as Princess Peach herself, and get your beau to dress up as Mario ;)

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