Bunnymund Costume

Rise of the Guardians

Dress up as Bunnymund – Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman)

The Guardian of Hope is not your average fluffy bunny. He’s a fearless rabbit warrior – take a look at his holster filled with explosive Easter eggs!

His costume is influenced by the Australian aboriginal people, and aptly voiced by Aussie actor, Hugh Jackman.

Bunnymund cosplay - rise of guardians - Easter

Bunny Half Mask
You can either wear a bunny ear headband or a half mask like this one. Of course, if you’d like to go full on rabbit, then feel free to wear the full mask. I just feel like a half mask would be more comfortable.
For added effect, you can use a thick black marker and draw furry eyebrows on the mask.

Aboriginal Wooden Boomerangs
This bunny guardian’s weapon of choice? 2 boomerangs!

Battle Arm Cuff Bracelet
On both arms, Bunnymund sports a wicked looking cuff involving a multi-stranded material (leather perhaps?) and wooden armor propped on top. You can get yourself a cuff in a nice brown shade as this one.

Arm Guard
You can stop at the bracelet above, but if you’d like some added “cool” to your battle outfit, then you can get an arm guard / gauntlet like this one. Wear it over the cuff bracelet.

Bandolier / Holster
The guardian wears a bandolier / ammo belt wrapped around his body, where his explosive easter eggs are stored. A usual bullet bandolier won’t be able to store an Easter egg, so here’s a good idea – get yourself a holster meant for soda / beer cans! This novel piece would be a hit in any other future parties as well!

Easter Eggs
Any basic Easter egg should do the trick but if you’d like to get fancy, then these exquisitely painted wooden eggs would do the trick – then you can keep them for your next Easter decoration.

I did some basic computations – the bandolier above seems to hold shot glasses, which are usually around 1.5″ in diameter, so I think these 1.25″ eggs should do the trick. If the eggs turn out to be too small for the holder, then you can simply wrap the egg around some foam of sorts or stick onto the holster pockets

Rabbit Tail
This is optional but would make a cute addition to your costume – a furry bunny tail to contrast his battle-mode getup.

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