Dress up as Sandy / Sandman

Rise of the Guardians

Dress up as Sandman

I am a huge fan of Sandman’s character. Despite not having the ability to talk, his endearing personality shines through in the movie.

Sandy is a very powerful guardian (the first Guardian chosen by Man in the Moon) with the ability to wield dreams through his sand. In fact, he is so powerful that Pitch crafts up an evil plot revolving around the dream sand. Appropriately, his costume and wig is golden yellow to represent sand.

Sandy cosplay - rise of guardians

Challenge: try not to talk the whole time at the costume party to stay in character!

Golden Spiky Wig
Once again – thanks to anime (Dragonball) for this wig! Just like Sandman’s hair, this wig is a nice shade of golden yellow and sticks out like the rays of the sun

Orange Shaolin / Monk Robe
The Sandman’s robe is made up of sand, but since we can’t mimic that, a robe in an orange color would be a close alternative. If you want,

Body Glitter
For added effect, consider applying glitter all over your body, face, wig, and even your robe. Use this product on your face and body, which, according to most reviewers, works like a charm. The gold glitter will give you that magical, otherworldly look, fit for the Guardian of Dreams. As for the wig and robe, you can use the glitter glue below.

Rope / lasso
Sandman’s weapon is a magical lasso. Get yourself an ordinary lasso then decorate with golden glitters using the item below

Gold Glitter Glue
Get your hands all sparkly and start adding gold glitters to the rope / lasso. You can try using the glitter body spray above on your lasso if it works but I think a more heavy duty glue like this one would be more ideal

Dress up as the other Guardians


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