Kenshin Himura Costume

Rurouni Kenshin – Movie and Anime Version

Dress up as Kenshin

Dress up like Kenshin Himura Kenshin Himura is the meek wandering samurai who turns out to have a dark past as an assassin. The X scar on his cheek is the only evidence of his bloody past as he tries to live a peace-loving life in the present by wielding a reverse-edged blade and protecting the weak.

Kenshin wears pretty much the same thing in the movie. He is played by Takeru Satoh in the movie, and Takeru Satoh does a remarkable job of capturing Kenshin’s personality – even the chibi / funny expressions!

For best friends: Ask your best friend to dress up as Sanosuke Segara!

Long Orange Hair – Wig
All you need to do is tie your wig loosely to mimic Kenshin’s do

Red Eye Pencil
Use this to draw an X on your cheek. The X must be located on your left cheek

Kenshin Cosplay Costume
Just one look and you know this costume means business! It really looks like Kenshin and is going to be perfect for a cosplay event. It’s a tad pricey ($167) but if you’re looking for accuracy, this is the ideal choice

Reverse Blade Sword Sakabato
This is THE reverse blade prop replica that stands above all the rest! Of course, if you’d like a more affordable alternative, any toy sword would do

White Hakama
Want a more affordable alternative to the cosplay set above? Then just buy this white hakama for your bottom and get a red robe-like outfit (like that of a judo uniform) below

Japanese Wooden Sandals
Every wandering samurai needs a pair of good wooden sandals to walk around the streets of Kyoto. Match this with a pair of brown socks!

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