Sanosuke Segara Costume

Rurouni Kenshin – Movie and Anime Version

Dress up as Sanosuke Segara

Sanosuke Sagara Outfit Sanosuke is my favorite character in the anime! Not only does he have a very good seiyuu (voice actor) – even in the English dubbed version, he also had a very big personality that was immediately seen when he first graced the show with his equally big weapon. As the anime progressed, we also got to see a lighter side of him. (picture taken from

The movie version of Sanosuke wears the exact same outfit and is the comic relief throughout the film. I hope they add more of his serious side in the third movie!

Have your best friend dress up as Kenshin Himura

Sanosuke Cosplay Set
This is the perfect Sanosuke costume to wear! It has the “aku” Japanese symbol at the back, just like Sano’s. Aku stands for evil and represents the creator’s hate of the Meiji government.

White Hakama Kimono
Here’s a great alternative: you can buy this white Japanese Hakama kimono and pair with white taekwondo or judo pants. Consider drawing the Aku symbol

Judo Uniform
This judo uniform set is a more affordable alternative to the cosplay replica. If possible, do draw the aku symbol at the back of your jacket!

Red Taekwondo Belt
Tie this on your forehead

White Bandage
Tie some white bandage on your abdomen

Red Bandage
Bandage your wrists down to the half portion of your arms with this red bandage

Aku Symbol

This is the Chinese character that is written on the back of Sanosuke’s outfit:

sanosuke aku symbol costume

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