Sawagejo Cho Costume

Rurouni Kenshin – Movie and Anime Version

Dress up as Sawagejo Cho – Sword Hunter (Juppongatana)

Among all the characters, it was Cho’s costume that was revamped the most for the movie and all I can say is that his movie costume is way AWESOME!!! The actor behind it also did a terrific job of portraying the villain

Cho Costume - Juppongatana - Rurouni Kenshin Movie

Samurai Kimono
If you’re going for the anime version, you can buy a regular samurai kimono like this one. Ideally, a red one would be a better fit but I think this black one should suffice. Consider adding purple flame details on your robe by stitching some felt fabric.

* Most importantly: cut one sleeve up so that your right shoulder is bare

Back Harness with Swords
Cho is appropriately called the Sword Hunter because of his obsession with the pointy things. He has 2 on his back and holds another one on his hand! This piece contains a back harness with two swords. The blades are made from stainless steel so be careful!

Blonde Spiked Wig
The hair on the anime version is way, way tall and spiky and is a hard wig to shop for. On the other hand, the movie version is a little more reasonable. This particular wig I found is more for the movie version.

Black Headband
A simple sport headband would do the trick but if you’d like a more cool, organic look, consider DIY-ing using the material below

Braided Leather Cord
You can use this to wrap around your head a couple of times till it forms a band thick enough to mimic Cho’s

Chest Harness
LOL. It was a bit uncomfortable and funny looking for this. I ended up going through several slightly NSFW Amazon listings! Anyway, underneath Cho’s robe, he wears a black chest harness similar to this one

Khaki Coat
Movie Cho wears a pretty cool structured khaki coat with the right sleeve cut up (just like anime Cho’s). Keep the coat unbuttoned – it’s hard to do battle constricted by a coat right? :P You may also want to buy one size bigger so it’s a little more loose

High Black Boots
These tall black boots would look perfect with his outfit, especially paired with the chest harness.

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