Aoshi Shinomori Costume

Rurouni Kenshin – Movie and Anime Version

Dress up as Aoshi Shinomori

The brooding ninja has some pretty awesome sword skills that can rival the Battousai’s. Plus, he has a cool trench coat to boot! Bonus anime detail: wear ice blue contact lenses

aoshi shinomori costume - anime / movie

Black Sleeveless Zip Top
A ninja is supposed to be as inconspicuous as possible which is why the ninja uniform is dark. This black sleeveless zip top is a good fit for that and as a bonus, you can use it when you go jogging.

Kung Fu Pants
A pair of comfy black kung fu pants would do the trick

Black Kung Fu Shoes
It looks like Aoshi’s shoes are lightweight – a perfect fit for a stealthy ninja. These shoes are a good match

2 sword in one saya set
Aoshi’s sword stands out from the others because in one saya (scabbard), he has two swords! This set is also built like that – 2 swords in one sheath. The blade is made from steel so be careful!

Ninja Gauntlet / Cuff
If you plan on ditching your coat during the costume event, you may want to purchase these ninja cuffs for that added detail

Trench Coat
I was a tad disappointed with the coat Aoshi was wearing during the movie. I expected it to look way cooler and for the collar area to be more structured – the same way it looked in the anime. Of course for a costume event, splurging on a kick-ass trench coat is a bit impractical, so you might want to consider this piece. The photo shows it has a nice structured look. It’s long. And the color is pretty close. The only problem is the reviews have been mixed.

More Conventional Trench Coat
This is another alternative which has gotten all positive reviews. But compared to the one on top, this looks a lot more conservative or formal. Based on the positive reviews, this seems to be a good buy

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