Ken Katayanagi (Evil Ex #5)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Costume Ideas

Dress up as Ken Katayanagi (Evil Ex 5)

Ken Katayanagi costume ideas from scott vs pilgrim

Ken is one of the twins Ramona dated… at the same time. You can imagine what is fueling their hatred then! Like Number 3, he wears an all white ensemble. The Ken and Kyle twin tandem is a perfect costume idea for siblings.

Black wristband (leather?)
Ken seems to be sporting a black leather wristband. His brother does too

White Cosplay Wig
He sports a white wig which resembles anime characters.

White Military Belt
You can wear any simple white dress shirt for your top, then a pair of white pants. For the belt, get this white garrison belt with a silver buckle

White Relaxed Fit Pants
Here is an affordable pair of relaxed fit white pants

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