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Dress up as Roxy Richter (Evil Ex 4)

Roxy Richter costume scott pilgrim

And Ramon’s Evil Ex 4 is a guy named… oh wait, it’s a girl! Don’t mess with Roxy Richter – you know what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Especially when she’s a half-ninja chick born on the moon. Make sure you get some eyeshadow and draw thick outlines underneath your eyes like the photo above.

Blonde Pigtails
Don’t let the pigtails fool you. This is a girl you don’t want to mess with! Roxy’s pigtails are shorter so you’ll have to do some trimming on this wig

Black Choker Necklace with Metal Hardware
She looks even fiercer with her choker necklaces. She sports 2 – one is a black strap with some metal hardware (this piece) and another, below, is a metal spiked choker

Spiked Choker Necklace
Unleash your inner goth punk style!

Bra Top with Spikes
A portion of Roxy’s bra peeps through underneath the rest of the ensemble. Seems to be black with some glitter. In other scenes, it’s a black bra with metal hardware. You can wear this one with spikes to tie in with the choker necklace.

Black Cropped Moto Jacket
Roxy’s jacket on the poster is actually a lot shorter and looking at it more closely, seems to be more of a cotton material than leather but this jacket carries the look across well

Leather Top
It seems like Roxy is wearing a leather top or dress with one of the straps unfurled to show her bra underneath. In this case, you can just unzip this corset top a bit to show the bra

Black Fishnet Gloves
She sports a fishnet glove on her left hand. Don’t forget the black nail polish, too!

Silver belt
She wears a silver belt somewhere on her hips, which looks very distinct amid all the black pieces

Floral Black Tights
She wears a pair of floral laced tights. The best part? Get some scissors and make some rips on the left leg

Black Winter Boots
The final piece: a pair of black winter boots

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