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Ramona Flowers

Costumes for Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim vs the World

The enigmatic girl that stole Scott Pilgrim’s heart and the person to thank for all the mayhem that made this movie happen. The Amazon “Ninja delivery girl” has seven evil exes – she changes partners as often as she changes the color of her hair. She is responsible for pretty much breaking the hearts of most of her exes because of her issues.

Ramona Flowers Pink Wig
Her pink wig seems to be the most iconic and recognizable hair color of them all

Steampunk Goggles
Wear this pair of affordable black goggles like you would a headband

Leather choker
This is made from genuine leather and 925 Sterling silver so it could definitely be a wardrobe staple after your costume event. You can choose among different lengths, so be sure to select the one that fits your neck just right.

Military-style Cargo Jacket
Ramona layers up with quite a number of jackets. The outermost is a military style cargo jacket. This piece online has the pocket details going on, an epaulet, and some extra studs to boot

Blue Fleece Hooded Jacket
Right underneath the cargo jacket is a blue hooded jacket. Make sure the hood is visibly shown over the military jacket

Fuzzy Eyelash Sweater
The exact replica of Ramon’s violet with blue and red stripes isn’t posted online but you can definitely substitute with any purple sweater – preferably one with a fuzzy texture (and turtleneck detail).

Dark Denim Mini Skirt
Any dark-colored mini skirt should do the trick!

Fishnet Stockings
Wear a pair of stockings underneath your skirt in a nice raspberry shade.

Ramona Flowers Star Circle Messenger Bag
My favorite piece – the bag! Her star messenger bag is very distinct and this bag is an awesome replica of that exact piece!

Winter Boots
For the shoes – winter boots! These look very comfy and reviews have been positive. They’re priced reasonably too!

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