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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Costume Ideas

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim Costume Ideas - Graphic Tees

The main protagonist of the show and apparently quite the stud because there are four girls in the movie who are linked to him – a drummer (Kim), a self-confessed Scottaholic (Knives), a lead singer (Envy Adams), and of course, the Ramona Flowers.

If you’d like to stick within your comfort zone during your costume event, then a Scott Pilgrim is the way to go because his outfit is basically jeans and a graphic tee. Easy, no?

Green Smashing Pumpkins tee with a heart and “SP”
This is one of the shirts you see Scott wearing in the movie and is also on the poster. It has that darker green piping detail on the sleeves and neckline. Among all his shirts being sold online on Amazon, this has gotten the most reviews. And the great thing about this is that by buying this shirt, you get to show your love for the movie AND the band!

Note: Is it mere coincidence that Scott Pilgrim and Smashing Pumpkins both share the initials S.P.?

Green and White Striped Wristband
Scott Pilgrim was a very color-coordinated geek, pairing his green shirt with a green wristband

Blue Jeans – Relaxed Fit
A pair of relaxed fit jeans are all you need. I’m pretty sure you already have one in your wardrobe

Adidas Superstar Sneakers with Green Stripes
He wears a pair of Adidas Superstar Sneakers with green stripes, just like this pair! Again with the color coordination. Couldn’t find one with dark green stripes so this lighter shade should do.

Red shirt with bass guitar
Yahoo! A great replica with the piping details and the bass guitar graphic

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