Rosa Diaz Costume

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dress up as Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz)

When dressing up as Rosa Diaz, try to keep in character and be as stoic and intimidating as you possibly can. Also bring a whole arsenal of death glares with you

Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn Nine Nine Cosplay

Closeup of necklace:

Black Leather Jacket
As usual – a black leather jacket instantly makes you look ten times more badass than you usually do. Detach the hood of this jacket.

Police Badge
Remove the chain and clip onto your belt

Black Button Down
Underneath the leather jacket, you have several options. You can wear a black button down shirt, a black tank top, or a gray top. The deep V is perfect, so that the necklace pendant will show

St Christopher Circle Pendant Necklace
You can wear any gold necklace with a circle pendant. But if you’re keen on details, my research shows that her necklace appears to be that of St Christopher

Black Hair
Her black hair is shoulder-length with just some subtle curly waves

Dress up as the other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cops:


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