Captain Holt Costume

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dress up as Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher)

Captain Holt is quite the character! Despite his lack of expressions, he manages to be a really humorous addition to the cast. When dressing up as him, try to be as stoic and emotionless as Captain Holt

Captain Holt Costume - Brooklyn Nine Nine

Police Hat
The captain wears his police uniform most of the time

Police Badge
Stitch this onto your coat

Black Suit
There isn’t any police chief uniform online so you can wear a basic suit and just stitch the badge onto the arm of your coat

Police Badge
Place on the top left portion of your coat

Afro Wig
If you want to look like Retro holt, sport an afro wig

80s Retro Glasses
Then, wear a a pair of glasses in a retro frame

Finish off with a mustache

Orange Button Down Shirt
Pair it off with an orange button down shirt – a stark contrast from his modern-day look

Dress up as the other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cops:


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