Dress up as Amy Santiago

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dress up as Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)

Dress up as the overachieving cop, Amy! Great couple costume idea – Amy and Jake – they’re so cute together! Amy wears a lot of different looks in the series, but her usual getup is a three-piece suit consisting of a button-down shirt, blazer, and slacks. You can put your hair down, tie it in a half pony-tail, or in a full pony-tail. For me, the most distinct getup is the burgundy blazer and pants.

Couples – dress up as Amy and Jake

Dress up as Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Bonus: Bring the oil painting of Captain Holt with you:


Light Blue Button Down
For some extra fun, you can bring along with you the oil painting of Captain Holt back in Season 1
First layer — light blue button down shirt

Wine Red / Burgundy Blazer
I always remember this blazer of hers in a nice wine red shade. I also love this blazer’s slim fit

Burgundy Pants
Finish off with a pair of straight cut pants

Police Badge
Take out the chain, and clip onto your belt

Dress up as the other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cops:


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