Charles Boyle Costume

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Dress up as Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio)

Boyle is my favorite character!!! He is just so funny and adorable… the ideal sidekick! His costume is super basic, but you can kick it up a notch and dress up as his memorable Season 1 look when he (and his behind) became a hero for protecting Rosa from getting shot. While dressed up as him, consider talking about food like he does.

Boyle Costume Brooklyn Nine Nine

Short-sleeved Button Down
He looks like a regular office guy in his attire. Keep everything neat and buttoned

Wear a wide striped necktie

Police Badge
Take off the chain and clip onto the belt

Wear slacks with a more relaxed fit

Yellow Leg Warmers
Now, if you want to look like him in the “shot in the butt” episode, you can wear those awkward-looking leg warmers

NYPD Shirt
Wear a gray NYPD shirt

Gray Lounge Shorts
Wear a comfy pair of gray shorts

Lastly, wrap this wide bandage around your waist over and over till it forms a bit of a thick padding.

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